Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tour De France Power files- Cervelo Test Team Rider- Daniel Lloyd

It's that time of the year again and we have some power files to share with you!  Daniel Lloyd of the Cervelo Test Team is one of the athletes that I coach and he has been using a power meter since 2004.  He's constantly reviewing his Performance management chart and his files.  We have been working together for 3 years now and I am proud to coach him and excited about this year's Tour.

Each day I will put up a new file from him and the description will come from the Cervelo Test Team website. http://www.cervelo.com/en_us/testteam/

The actual .wko files will be hosted below.    You'll need a copy of TrainingPeaks WKO+ software in order to view the files. You can get a free trial of WKO+ on http://home.trainingpeaks.com/wko-desktop-software/analysis-software-for-training-files.aspx

Lastly, check out the Fatigue Profiling Widget that will help you further refine your strengths and weaknesses that Andy and I have described in the 2nd edition.  http://www.peakscoachinggroup.com/ASPX/FP/FP.aspx

Now onto the files!  Download the WKO+ file below by clicking on the link.
Stage 1
Stage 2


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  1. Where on the http://www.cervelo.com/en_us/testteam/, website will you be posting the description and highlights.



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