Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stage 3 and Stage 4- Daniel Lloyd's -Cervelo Test team TDF power!

Daniel didn't use his PowerTap on stage 3 in the cobbles as they used a special wheelset to better handle the cobbles.  Definitely a bummer as I would have loved to see that data!  Daniel was up in the front leading up to the cobbles making sure that Thor was in the move.   Daniel estimated that his TSS for the day was about 330, so definitely a heck of an effort.

Stage 4-2010 Tour De France-Cambrai - Reims 153k

Daniel had a very easy ride today in the Tour. After the past 4 days, I know that he was glad for it. Over 60% of the ride was in his "Active Recovery" level, so a very nice day to just sit in the peloton, drink, eat and chat with his friends. He only averaged 172watts (229 Normalized) for the first 71 miles! Wow! That's easier than some of his recovery days(but longer of course).

If you look at the Quadrant Analysis graph of his data, you'll see that he spent most of his time in either Quadrant III or IV, which is very low force on the pedals, but either slow or fast pedaling. For slow pedaling, we define anything under 90rpm for Daniel as 'slow' and anything over 90rpm as 'fast'. 90rpm is Daniel's normal self-selected cadence in which he feels comfortable pedaling.
In the last 40 minutes, things really picked up and he was at the front helping to keep Husvold in contention for the sprint win. While those last 40 minutes were fast(average speed over 31mph), he wasn't at his limit and he was nice and controlled with an average wattage of 345 normalized watts.

Overall, a very predictable stage for Daniel and the rest of the riders in the peloton. After all the melee of the first three stages, I know everyone was glad for the easy day.
Check out the actual Power file from Stage 4 here

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