Friday, August 13, 2010

Can playing a saxophone raise your Vo2 Power? 82 year old says it's true!

Have to brag a little bit again.   Carl is an inspiration to us all. 

Carl has made some huge gains and won (2) national championship jerseys at Masters Nationals this year!    He's also on the way to World championships in Austria next week.... Hopefully he'll bring back a rainbow or two.

Carl Grove raised his FTP from 220 to 240 this year.

He's 82.......

weighs 138lbs.

He uses a Quarq, downloads each day

How many 82 year olds do you know that even use a computer much less train with a power meter?
Won both TT at nats- by over 7 minutes and Road race by 15 minutes

Training with power isn't just for the young guys...

Great article and pictures of Carl are here. Check it out!


P.S. - Andy C. Carl said he remembers you from 1970's racing and thought you were "a talented young lad" back then......

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  1. Please tell Carl that I wish him the best of luck in Austria!

    I still remember a few century rides I did with Carl back in late 1970s, including:

    1) a metric in Michigan where he and Chuck Paul simply rode the rest of us right off the wheel of Chuck's tandem once the route turned back into the wind, and

    2) another one south of my hometown where he and Chuck stopped around half-way at the ice cream parlor in Syracuse, after which Chuck had to take a lengthy nap under a tree before finishing the ride.


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